Sirtec Snc

T – BAR 40 10-8U

Machines with bar feed system


Model T - BAR 40 10-8U

Horizontal axis with 10 stations equipped with 10 Self centering clamps
Rotation driven by electronically controlled brushless servomotor.
Angular index accuracy +/- 2″

Left side:
4 installed units and 1 bar cutting unit (machine bed designed for up to 7 units)

Right side:
4 installed units (machine bed designed for up to 7 units)

ISO40 Drilling/ Boring Unit::
Stroke: 130 mm
Oleodynamic feed
Spindle driven by AC3PH motor with inverter

ISO40 Threading Unit:
Stroke: 130 mm
Lead screw feed
Spindle driven by brushless servomotor

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